Wolf Creek Cane Corsos’ Testimonials

If you are looking for a top notch Cane Corso, Wolf Creek is your place. We drove over 4 hours and it was totally worth it when we arrived at their sprawling ranch. They first took us on a tour of their kennels to show us their dogs and told us their names and the story behind them. Just seeing their dogs you can immediately see their champion quality. After meeting her parents, we went to pick our puppy. The cleanliness, care, and quality of this place let us know we were in the right spot. Larry and Linda were very patient and spent plenty of time sharing their love and knowledge about this breed. We are in love with our girl, Niko. Thank you Larry and Linda!

–Brad, Kim, and Presley M.

We had spent time looking up lots of different breeders all over the nation and decided to drive 10 hours one-way to get a WolfCreek corso. Larry and Linda have an amazing property with even more amazing dogs! We spent little over 2 hours talking and getting to meet their wonderful dogs on Thanksgiving to top it off! Larry is very knowledgeable and informative about the breed, and takes a lot of pride in his dogs– and it shows! I literally can’t say enough good things about WolfCreek Cane Corso. I would recommend everyone that’s looking for a cane corso to seriously consider getting one from Larry and Linda. You won’t regret it!


I highly recommend Wolf Creek Cane Corso to any responsible person that is looking to purchase a Cane Corso. Larry & Linda have an amazing facility and are experts about the breed. They answered all of our questions and allowed us to take home the sweetest and smartest dog I have ever seen. He is absolutely magnificent and so willing to please us. Thank You so much Wolf Creek Cane Corso for providing us our new family member. We are enjoying every second with our sweet boy. It is worth every penny to buy a Cane Corso with amazing temperament and champion blood lines from Larry and Linda. Oh and first vet checkup…he’s perfect. I could brag all day!

–Breanna S.

Wolf Creek Cane Corsos are the best.  Their service is only surpassed by the quality of their dogs.  Our Roxy is the best dog we have ever had and we recommend to all we meet this breed and Wolf Creek Cane Corso. 

–Tim and Janae R., Dallas TX

We love our puppy. He is by far the smartest puppy, sits already and gives us a paw at almost 12 weeks. He sits and watches TV and amazes us daily with his actions. Harley is not fat at all and weighs 25 pounds already. Our vet here in Sapulpa is amazed with him as is everyone who sees him. People want to circle around him to see but may not touch. We don’t want him exposed to a germ. He can run like the wind and if he doesn’t want to be caught, he’s not. Then he will beat you back to the front door. What a little sweetheart.

The reason we decided to buy from you are Linda is after visiting your ranch and seeing the quality of your dogs and the care that is taken for each and every one, was amazing. We didn’t want to leave. Your adult dogs are lovable and have the most wonderful personalities.

Larry, you really know your dog’s and it shows in your stock. We are glad to have joined your family.

Thanks for Harley.

–Ruth and Don

Larry and Linda are nice people! His dogs are happy, healthy, clean and gorgeous Pups! You can call them anytime and ask them anything, they do not mind, they like people, love animals and there dogs, chickens, rabbits, and cows all seem to be fat and happy! This is not my wife and I first dog and we have met all kinds of breeders. Larry and Linda are good people and they have beautiful animals. My point is if you are in the market for a Corso I personally would not look anywhere else! Bring the kids, it’s like a petting zoo. LOL

–John D

We are in love with the gorgeous pup my girlfriend and I picked up on Friday. She is the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen. These guys know their stuff! Very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions that we had throughout the process. I would and will recommend them to anyone looking for a Cane Corso or any dog for that matter. Thanks again guys! It was my pleasure and well worth the 10+ hours in the car! I’m sure we will be back to see you again. 😉

–Xander C

Loved meeting Larry and Linda. Their dogs are superb and well cared for. The living conditions for them is well maintained and very clean. We sat and talked to Linda and Larry for almost 3 hours and it seemed like we were talking to our friends we’ve known for years. If you are in the market for a cane corso, then look no further than here. You’d be crazy if you did. This place is Cajun Certified!!

–Kristine WB

When I arrived at the kennel I was flabbergasted by the setup.. Everything was neat and clean. All the dogs were healthy and happy! Larry and his wife Linda professionalism is absolutely superb. He is a man that does what he says and stands behind his dogs! I was so in awe about the kennels and the property/land I wanted to stay but I was a long way from home and needed to get back on the road.

I would advise anyone interested in Cane Corso breed to visit Wolf Creek before making a decision to purchase from another breeder because they are FULL of knowledge and expertise. The temperaments from every dog there was the perfect balance. There were zero dogs overly aggressive or vicious. Don’t get me wrong if someone goes up there with bad intentions I’m sure the dogs will know what to do with them Lol! But, all in all You literally cannot go wrong with a pup from Larry Buck. Great guy fantastic people! Felt like family!

–Steve W

Our experience was amazing! Larry and Linda made me feel right at home and every time I contacted Larry, he was right there to answer any questions I had. The added bonus was, we wanted our puppy’s ears cropped and Larry’s vet did an amazing job. We could not be happier with our Gypsy Rose, she is absolutely beautiful and smart. Thank you, Larry and Linda!

–Beth A

We have a beautiful 15 week old female Champion Blood Line Cane Corso from Wolf Creek Ranch Cane Corso, the owners Larry and Linda Buck have a world class breeding facility and kennel for Cane Corso dogs! If you are in the market for an exceptional family member, then look no further! They truly have beautiful dogs!

–Danny B

Larry and Linda are great breeders! We have had our new family member for a little over 7 weeks. He is great! Growing into a very handsome fellow. They have such a variety of beautiful dogs so hard to leave with just one

–Dawn D

Larry Buck is one of the most caring people I have ever met, to people and his dogs. I was in need of a service dog for companionship. I am a Marine Corps Veteran. While looking and researching I began speaking with Larry and his wife. They made it possible for me to get the most precious beautiful Cane Corso there could possibly be. Thank you for being who you are.

–Brad H

Great people and breeders of amazing Cane Corsos.

–Michelle J

Great experience working with Larry. We got a great puppy that was already crate trained when we brought her home. Larry and his wife Linda are both very helpful throughout the process.

–Brian L

Larry and Linda have been a big help with breeding my Cane Corso (Martina)! Thanks guys so much!!!!

–Eric R

Visited the ranch and it’s very nice. They have beautiful dogs! Highly recommended.

–Trenton R

We picked up 2 great specimens of the breed and we couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended.

Larry and his wife were very helpful and patient with all my questions. They helped me pick out the perfect pup for my family and I. Our new pup Raven is everything he said she would be and more….outstanding personality and passed her vet check w flying colors. Hard to find good honest breeders these days….so grateful we found Larry!

–Tracy N