Wolf Creek Cane Corsos’ Policy

Our policy is simple: You are asked to love our puppy until his/her last day. If for whatever reason you are unable to do so, he/she is to come straight back to us! We allow visits from week 4 until week 8. We like to allow the Mommas and pups to adjust the first four weeks before letting visits happen. We do not hold pups without a deposit.

Our puppies come with the following:

*Ears Cropped, (If desired) Tails docked.
*Age appropriate shots,
*Wormings, one month flea tick and heart worm pill,
*A puppy pack which contains a food sample,
*AKC papers, if purchased with full rights Show/Breeding. Those pups will be picked at 7 weeks.
* Our life time support with whatever you need.

We also take them to the vet days before they are ready to go home. If the vet does not clear them to go to a new home they don’t!! You will receive the paperwork that clears them and deems them healthy by our vet!

Our puppies are well socialized and easy to train. I do not Guarantee temperament or trainability, but we have a pretty good track record!! I also do not guarantee hunt trainability, but I have produced some very nice hunting companions as well as many champions!

Our pups are loved very much by us. Our deposit is $500. We like to get to know potential buyers, so please do not message me with rude or vague messages like “info?” Or “Price Please”. Message us a little about yourself and why you have chosen a Corso for your family.

We do not save spots with out a deposit!! I have done so and lost almost an entire list of people to “oh a random bill came up” or “hubby said no”. Please make sure you talk to your spouse first.

A puppy is a huge commitment! We put a lot of time and money into our pups and we care about who gets them!!! We do health testing. Our Breeding dogs are Elbow and Hip certified and we breed only superior bloodlines. Our pups are very easy to train. We also have a support group page that was created just for our buyers that you will be added to once you get a pup. If you have any further questions please feel free to call 918-671-5707. If you would like to put a deposit on a puppy, Contact Us, PM me at this link, or call or text 918-671-5707.

We plan ahead for our litters and set up families before they are born, so don’t drag your feet if you see a new puppy in your future.